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Bejís is a town located in the province of Castellón, the southern tip near the border with Teruel. Bejís is nestled between the foothills of the Sierra de El Toro and the northwest slope of the Sierra de Andilla, on a hill some 800 metres above sea level. Surrounded by the rivers Palancia and Canales, there are some quite steep elevations here. The highest mountains include La Juliana (1,476 m), La Pericona (1,468 m) and Peñaescabia (1,331 m). Thanks to its geographical conditions, Bejís boasts a very diverse flora and fauna. Species that can be spotted here include wild boars, foxes, genets and squirrels, as well as birds such as eagles, eagle owls and kingfishers. Vegetation includes holm oaks, Montpelier maples, Valencian oaks, whitebeams, Scots pines, black pines, yew trees, holly trees, snowy mespilus and pine woods surrounded by heather and rockroses in the higher areas, with Aleppo pine forests more common on lower land. On the banks of the River Palancia, there are poplars, ash trees, hazel trees and meadows. Also very prevalent are aromatic and medicinal plants.


Camping Los Cloticos

Via Pista Camping los Cloticos - Bejís

Longitude:  -0.73253 / Latitude:  39.92633

Los Clóticos campsite, with over 23,344m2, is the largest campsite in the area. Clients have room to move around and do their everyday activities, with space and comfort.
Federación Campings Comunidad Valenciana: C/ Reyes Catolicos 17 , (Alicante)
Comunitat Valenciana